Developer Access Program for Intel® Xeon Phi Processor

Ninja Developer Platform Pedestal (Air Cooled)

The turnkey Ninja Developer Platform Pedestal comes fully configured with memory, local storage, CentOS 7.2, and Intel tools. You can further customize the platform to meet your application memory or storage needs. Included in the package is a one year license for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition Named User.

Next Steps

  • Customize the pedestal system and save your configuration in the next step
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Cost As Configured $5,100.41  
Base Platform
Memory Socket 1
Memory Socket 2
Memory Socket 3
Memory Socket 4
Memory Socket 5
Memory Socket 6
SSD Drive 1
SSD Drive 2
Disk Drive 1
Disk Drive 2
Operating System SW
Cost As Configured $5,100.41  

System Configuration Notes, Comments

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